In My Eyes


I’ve had multiple people ask so I’ve decided that I would just let everybody know all at once what happened in my eyes from the beginning.  It is long and not grammatically correct, just my words typed out. The evening of my daughter’s baby shower I started to have contractions. I told my husband but […]

BEST Vitamin C Serum


Something has to change, I cannot accept my aging. Its been difficult to look in the mirror over the last few months. Well not really, just a little painful. As 28 hit and being sick constantly I have noticed my skin changing more and more. When I say changing its not for good, I have […]

Angel Baby Toddler Pillow Case


Safety is  and should be number one, especially when it comes to kids. With that in mind the National Sudden and Unexpected Infant/Child Death and Pregnancy Loss warns that soft bedding, such as pillows and pillow-like stuffed toys, may increase your baby’s risk of suffocation. These soft products can keep your baby from breathing, DO NOT place […]

Oh, Susannah You’re Breaking My Heart


Oh, Susannah you’re breaking my heart bank account. I have fallen in LOVE with you. No, seriously. I haven’t decorated our newish (right after chemo) king bed, and now I know why.  Thinking about it really, I just didn’t know what I wanted. Well, I knew I wanted white… you can bleach it so there is no need to […]

Silicone Rings, are they really worth it?


As everyone else, I have seen countless ads, pictures, posts, and websites about these “new” silicone rings.  Most black, or black and striped generally targeted towards men.  LatelyI have seen a lot about them for Police Officers, especially the Thin Blue Line versions.  The whole point of the silicone ring is for computability, easy to […]

Universal COMFY CO Mattress Protector Pad Review

reviewwedding 003

  Ultra Soft Crib Mattress Protector Pad From Bamboo Rayon Fiber – Waterproof Fitted Quilted Mattress Protector Pad for Your Crib. High Absorbency and Stain Protection Baby Cover Made for Superior Comfort. Prevents Bacteria, Dust Mites and Mold From Breeding in Your Child’s Mattress. #universalcomfy Get Yours HERE on Amazon I was given the opportunity […]