In My Eyes


I’ve had multiple people ask so I’ve decided that I would just let everybody know all at once what happened in my eyes from the beginning.  It is long and not grammatically correct, just my words typed out. The evening of my daughter’s baby shower I started to have contractions. I told my husband but […]

Big News


Spending Saturday afternoon with my mom – the conversation “What have I learned going through treatment”. Well I felt like it was an easy answer. I have learned A LOT. I believe that things happen for a reason. When something bad happens to someone it is to prepare them for something much bigger. They wont […]

Searching For Answers


I have decided to move everything from my Give Forward page that was set up by my friend Kristina, here. There were so many words of encouragement and love sent to me, it has become difficult to read them on the page.  I could not be more grateful for all the love and support that […]

New Beginings


July 7, 2014“I had a weak moment and picked myself back up. I have accepted that blessings arrive in unexpected packages – in my case, cancer. I am learning what is really important, and letting the stress go. Life is beautiful and too short; I want to live everyday filled with love. Monday I start […]

Family Photos with Lulliloo Photography

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One of the gifts I was looking forward to the most with Trey was a newborn photography session I was given to have with Mel who owns Lulliloo Photography. For those who aren’t familiar with her, she specializes in Newborn Photography but also does Family and Maternity sessions. Her photos are some of the most […]