In My Eyes


I’ve had multiple people ask so I’ve decided that I would just let everybody know all at once what happened in my eyes from the beginning.  It is long and not grammatically correct, just my words typed out. The evening of my daughter’s baby shower I started to have contractions. I told my husband but […]

Men’s Watches


I have always been a big fan of big watches. Different watches that not everyone has, kind of funky and definitely unique. I myself was gifted a TechnoMarine Spider Girl watch with a black alligator band that has red stitching on it. (Yes, I sad Spider girl. It is from the limited edition Superheroes Marvel collection […]

Baby Sun Free


7:30 am starts the same way every morning on the way to work. Screaming. Lot’s of screaming. Never ending toddler screaming. The problem is the sun, the bright Arizona sun shining on their faces and in their eyes. Did I mention the drive home from work is the same thing? I have tried a few […]

Pimple Poppers


I’ve always had a pimple popping obsession. So gross, yet satisfying to clean up and get rid of.  This is something that Les and I share, we both like popping pimples.  Admit it, you do too.  Pimple popping is so popular one Dermatologist, Dr. Sandra Lee has over half a million Youtube subscribers on her […]

Why we chose a water flosser


Do you like flossing your teeth? Neither do I. Now imagine trying to floss your three year old. Say it with me, NIGHTMARE. Do you know how hard it is to hold a three year old down who doesn’t want his teeth flossed? No need for the gym, let me tell you that. This is […]

Baby Steps


As much as I hated being pregnant, I LOVE it. I loved going and finding different apps to tell me what baby is growing right now, what they look like and what I should expect. I am very big with numbers, statistics. I want need to know everything that is going on, everything that can and […]